Saturday, October 23, 2010

#78. Galaxy of Terror (1981)

DVD Synopsis: The mind's innermost fears become reality for the crew members of the Quest when they land on the barren planet Morganthus hoping to find the missing crew members of the starship Remus — only to discover something deadly waiting for them. Each member of the rescuing team must come face to face with their darkest fears or perish. The cast onboard the Quest includes Edward Albert (The House Where Evil Dwells), Erin Moran (Happy Days), Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian), Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street series), Zalman King (Blue Sunshine) and Sig Haig (House Of 1,000 Corpses).

Galaxy of Terror was far too scatter-shot for my taste.  

That said, the movie does have it's moments.  I enjoyed the various kills that occurred throughout the film, which were, admittedly, pretty outlandish.  For example, in one scene, a female crew member battles against a maggot that’s grown to an enormous size. Inexplicably, this huge, worm-like creature manages to wrestle every stitch of clothing off of her body, and then, before doing away with the poor girl, it rapes her (that’s right, folks…raped by a giant maggot). Galaxy of Terror contains a hodge-podge of gory kill sequences such as this, but not one of them matched up well with any of the others; they just kinda "happened", with no real explanation as to why. 

The special effects were, admittedly, quite good, but neither this, the cool kills or the impressive cast proved enough to save the film in the end.  It was all just a bit too random, and by the time the movie finally got around to explaining everything, I didn’t even care anymore.

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Sammy V said...

Yeah, I think the trailer was enough for me...

Dave B. said...

Thanks for stopping by!

You certainly do get all the highlights in the trailer...not much else to it!

Kevin Bachelder said...

Seeing this one made me wonder how many Roger Corman movies (directed or produced) you've reviewed so far Dave?

Dave B. said...

Kevin: Thanks for stopping by!

You know, that's a very good question! I know I've done quite a few, both directing (A few of his Poe films with Vincent Price are on here) and Producing (this one, Humanoids form the Deep, Piranha, etc).

I'll have to try and total them up! Once I don, I'll post the number on here.

Thanks again!

Amandasweird said...

Great poster, though! I'm looking for great crap-tastic movie posters for my living room, and this is now on the list of potentials. =D