Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#326. The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

Directed By: Irving Pichel, Ernest B. Schoedsack

Starring: Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, Leslie Banks

Trivia:  The jungle sets used in the making of this film were also being used simultaneously for the shooting of KING KONG

Released in 1932, The Most Dangerous Game had quite a bit in common with another RKO Studios film, King Kong, which was released a year later in 1933. Aside from the fact that both were produced and directed by the same men (Meriac C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack) and shared co-stars (Fay Wray and Robert C. Armstrong), The Most Dangerous Game was also shot simultaneously with King Kong, on many of the same jungle sets. But this is where all similarities end, for where King Kong is, in essence, a monster movie starring a giant ape, The Most Dangerous Game deals with a creature of a much more sinister nature. 

When the ship he's traveling in strikes a reef, big-game hunter Bob Rainsford (Joel McCrae), the only survivor of the disaster, must swim to the shore of a nearby, remote island. Making his way through the jungle terrain, he is surprised to find a large mansion, which belongs to a Russian Count named Zaroff (Leslie Banks), situated in the middle of nowhere. Like Rainsford, Zaroff is a hunter, one who's grown tired of pursuing big game, and has therefore set his sights on an entirely different prey: other human beings. Hoping to convince Rainsford to join him in the hunt, the Count is offended when his new guest refuses, and in a fit of anger decides to make Rainsford the object of his next expedition. Allowing him to take along a companion, a young woman named Eve (Fay Wray) who came to the island by way of an earlier shipwreck, Zaroff also hands Rainsford a hunting knife and gives him several hours head start, promising freedom if he and Eve can elude his pursuit until sun-up the next day. 

Like King Kong, The Most Dangerous Game contains a handful of spectacular scenes, including the opening shipwreck (done with miniatures, but nonetheless very convincing) and a shark attack, which quickly polishes off the only other survivor of the wreck, leaving Rainsford to deal with the island by himself. Yet the film's most famous, and most notorious, scene involves Zaroff's Trophy Room, where he displays the souvenirs of his past excursions. Kept under lock and key, Eve convinces Rainsford to break into the Trophy Room when her brother, Martin (Robert Armstrong), goes missing. What they find shocks them beyond belief, and even proved too intense for many audience members in 1932. Along with a mummified head hanging on the wall, the two discover a large jar, filled with clear liquid, that contains yet another human head. The Trophy Room scene was originally much longer, and featured other cryptic finds such as a near-skeletal sailor impaled with an arrow, but when test audiences started walking out in shock, the filmmakers decided to drastically trim the sequence, reducing what had been a 75 minute film to a mere 63. 

The Most Dangerous Game holds up extremely well, and, much like King Kong, even offers contemporary viewers a little something to think about. Where Kong explored the moral dilemma of invading the natural world and claiming a part of it as your own, The Most Dangerous Game asks us to look at the hunt from the other side of the gun. In the opening scene, just before the boat crashes and sinks, Rainsford is discussing the sport of hunting with a traveling companion (Landers Stevens), who asks how the great hunter would feel if the roles were reversed, and he were the hunted. Rainsford responds by saying, “This world's divided into two kinds of people; the hunter and the hunted. Luckily I'm the hunter. Nothing can change that”. 

It's at this precise moment the ship strikes a reef, an event that, we must assume, also marked the beginning of the end of Rainsford's career as a big-game hunter.


Anonymous said...

One word Dr. "INCREDIBLE"

The Podcast was well worth the wait!


DVD Infatuation said...

@Heinrick: Thanks for stopping by (and for the 1st comment regarding the Horror Jungle Podcast!)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Shock,
Absolutely brilliant, I know you guys would top PM.

I don't know how Billchete does it but he remains so enthusiastic no matter what horror movies are rated.

Two new hosts really shined with excitement, the Joemummy guy and Midnightcorey very impressive.

And as always yourself sir and I am glad the oldies are back.


Anonymous said...

great stuff i had to leave a comment for you shock and all the new recruits, boy i sure hope this one goes weekly at some point. i am craving more already.

Anonymous said...

8 DVD picks you guys/gal has it completely covered!!! - Reinhourse

Anonymous said...

I would likey to ratey your Horror jungle podcast a perfect "10" if I could go higher I would. This is big in horror and for the industry.

Only thing I wouldy likey to see is more of the hosts have a comments section so I oculd replye to them.

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Jessup: Thanks for the kind words, and I agree...Billchete always maintains his passion for horror, no matter what film we're covering. I'll be sure to pass along your comments on the other hosts, and thanks for listening.

@Anonymous: I appreciate the comment, and will be sure to pass it along to the other co-hosts. As for weekly, we'll have to see what happens (though, admittedly, if we do, it'll be several months down the road). Thanks for listening!

@Reinhourse: Thanks! And I also like the fact there were some movies I haven't seen either! Always like learning about new films!

@Edward We sure do appreciate the high rating! As for others accepting comments, I'll be sure to pass along your request.

Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

What a diverse set of podhosts. More hosts a better average. I guess the Prowler is not a girl movie, but I am a boy so I will watch it. You got my stamp of approval * D.V.

Anonymous said...

simply AMAZING - what a amazing DEBUT for HORROR JUNGLE - 11 horror movies per episode that has got to be a record - a horror FAN - Dick Sweeney

DVD Infatuation said...

@D.V.: Glad you enjoyed the new format. Yeah, I guess THE PROWLER might not appeal to the fairer sex, but definitely check it out; it's a creepy, bloody good time!

Thanks for the Stamp of Approval, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

The new Netflix segment is a great addition. Gonna que Human Centipede up and watch it after work.

The new show and all of the new hosts mixed well. Surprising since there are 8. I hope this is around a long time.

I will try to watch as many of the horror movies as possible before the next episode.


DVD Infatuation said...

@Dick Sweeney: Thank you, sir! Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. We really wanted to bring the fans "more", and with 11 in total, I think we've raised the bar about as high as we could!

Thanks for the comment, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

DVD Infatuation said...

@CaliforniaDreaming: The Netflix addition was Billchete's idea, and it was a good one! Glad to hear you're going to check out Midnight Corey's selection...I'll be sure to pass this along.

And I agree...the 8 hosts really did mesh well together. As for being around a long time, that's the plan! If we have our way, this one will last for a lot of years!

Thanks for the comment, and for listening.

Anonymous said...

DocShock; nver heard of this 1 and i no many classsic youtubing it dang gud reveiws on the cast; the horror juggle cast is pure genuios; its a hit

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comment, and definitely check THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME out...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the kind words about Horror Jungle, and for listening!

Anonymous said...

Horrorr fun is what i call the jungle. Impressive and entertaining and I couldn't be happier that the southern mortis got the boot ------ Cloey

DVD Infatuation said...

@Cloey: Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words about Horror Jungle. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks also for listening. We greatly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

super Super SuPer SUPER POD! Horror Jungle is the AmaZing.

I hope you don't mind but I would like to rate the hosts, hope nobody gets offended Dr.


AsAGroup-10 (The best horror podcast ever)

Tex from Texas yes my name is Tex (I get that all the time)

Anonymous said...

I am in the Jungle and Love it. Way to go! Better than ever!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful p-cast the 1st was bold and strong so good give us more please-please weekly on this i will pay for it---wellington

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor-

Time flew by listening to the Horror Jungle podcast. Exciting loved all the personalities. Netflix was a nice bonus it is a nice service I use all the time. Great intensive reviews, I like the new DVD/BluRay review I will be searching out the movies if they come out good---

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Tex: Thanks for the honest ratings. They're appreciated! No worries about offending anyone...honesty is always best! Besides, you did rank us as a "10" overall, so we thank you for that!

@Anonymous: In that case, Welcome to the Jungle (OK...now I've said it twice...time to retire that...it's already old!). Glad you enjoyed the show, and thanks for stopping by.

@Wellington: Thanks for the enthusiastic praise of Horror Jungle. It means a lot to us. As for weekly, it could be in the cards, but it will definitely take a while to make it a reality. Your offer to pay is flattering, but unnecessary. We're just glad to have you as a listener!

@Anonymous: Thanks for the kind words. The hosts do blend well together, and I agree with you regarding the Netflix segment...it is a nice addition. Enjoy the movies, and please be sure to stop back and let us know what you think of them.

Thanks again to everyone. Your feedback has been overwhelming, and is making us blush!

Anonymous said...

Wow oh Wow DrShock what a great ensemble of horror critics. I never told you before but I was hesitant at first when I heard a new podcast with new people, I thought you might lose that chemistry that was very impressive on Planet Macabre, but no worries here, the ensemble is fantastic and is somewhat incredible how fantastic the show is at launch. I couldn't even wait to comment after work to let you know this.

Your friend,
Orlando, FL
Home of Walt Disney World

DVD Infatuation said...

@Chaz: Thanks so much for the kind words, and I'm pleased you enjoyed the show.

I can certainly understand your initial concern, and I'm sure it was shared by a great many people. There was an excellent chemistry on Planet Macabre, and you always wonder how it'll all blend together with new co-hosts thrown into the mix. However, I knew after recording the 1st episode that it wasn't going to be an issue. Now that it's out there, I can only hope it's putting everyone's fears to rest (as it did yours)

Again, thanks for stopping by, and for your continued support of the blog and podcast. It is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

2 thumbs up, kudos to all peops behind the Horror Jungle podcast, I can't wait for more to learn more about all the hosts.

(Akron, OH)

DVD Infatuation said...

Frank: We all appreciate the "thumbs up", and kind words regarding the podcast. We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the comment, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

Not much more too say then all the other commentors have said at how good the horror show is, but I did want to chime in & let you know I support you all. And I thought I would be one of the first commentors, but I guess with 90,000 listeners I shouldnt of expected that.

Congratulations on the debut.....Victoria

DVD Infatuation said...

Victoria: Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment. Whether it's the 1st or 100th...it's always appreciated.

We all appreciate the kind words and support of the show. it definitely means a lot to us to hear what the listeners think, and I thank you for taking the time to post your opinions here.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

You guys continue to raise the bar for horror websites and podcasts. Horror Jungle is another impressive site/pod. A very unique twist to horror podcasting with 8 hosts and the best thing is it works and it works well.

Yours truly,
The Horror Specialist

DVD Infatuation said...

@Horror Specialist: Thanks so much for the kind words regarding the podcast. We're happy you find it so enjoyable, and we especially like the fact you think it's "unique".

Thanks also for stopping by, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

i frum asia n luv hj i cun speke inglish betor thun rite it sory

i luv horror n will be buyin all 11 movie if the movie iz abuv rateing 5 i git it

so gud n sum funne new host

po poi chow

DVD Infatuation said...

@po poi chow: You did a good job...I could understand everything you were saying! Thanks so much for the kind words about Horror Jungle. We appreciate them.

And thanks also for the comment...it means a lot to us all!

Anonymous said...

***** Dr. Shock *****

Damn fine cast of hosts
you brought in. The pod
rolled along perfectly,
a nice intermixing of
DVD's and depthful reviews
of horror movies. You got
me hooked already.

***** CJ Potamkin *****

Anonymous said...

Just this second heard the news about www.horrorjungle.com. Thank God I use Twitter and seen the tweet.

You kicked/ditched/fried the GregaMortis character, about time. That guy was so retarded and annoying.

With all the comments already it sounds like I am in for a treat. I subscribed and will be listening at work on the graveyard.

So long Dr. Shock and gang, sounds exciting.

Moonlight Draven

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@CJ Potamkin: So glad you enjoyed the podcast, and the new mix of hosts. Thanks for the kind words...I'll be sure to pass them along to everyone.

@Moonlight Draven: We're glad you heard the news as well! Here's hoping you enjoy the show, and please be sure to stop back and let us know what you think!

Anonymous said...

Scrounging thru the comments already in with words like great, incredible, super, fantastic, I feel I must be unique and my word will be "Marvelous"

A Marvelous podcast Doc, Bill and Hunter. The dedication and pure enthusiasm you show for the genre is Marvelous.

I look forward to learning more about the new hosts each episode and by the sound of the first I think I will have a bunch more horror hosts I will love.


DVD Infatuation said...

@AK: "Marvelous"...I like it! Thanks so much for the kind words, and we're pleased you enjoyed the show. Like you, I can't wait to hear what the new hosts come up with on the next episode, but if it's anything like the first, it should be something special.

Thanks for the comment, and for listening to Jungle Horror.

Anonymous said...

Jungle Horror Dr it is Horror Jungle i know that much..lol

On lunch break, listenred to the debute while at the grind and you have some new stars in the making. Mr Mummy Mr Corey and Mr Boss were excellent. I am sure Ms Bloody will cater to the youngcrowd and girls you gots to have the woman POV to see if the "wife factor" will accept it.

Back to work yuck :( the podcast passed the time until noon now we gots to get it weekly so I have more. :)

DVD Infatuation said...

GAH! I keep making that same mistake...calling the new show "JUNGLE HORROR", and it looks like I did it again! You'd think I'd be used to it by now!

Glad you were able to pass some time listening to the show, and I couldn't agree with you more...we do have some stars in the making!

As for weekly, we'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, thanks so much for listening to HORROR JUNGLE (there..got it right that time!).

Anonymous said...

Horror Jungle is AWESOME, Period. Al from Canada

DVD Infatuation said...

@Al: Thanks for your "straight-to-the-poinr" comment, and for the kind words. We're glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Great podcast and all the new hosts brought there own feel to the horror discussions.

I bet you will be announcing that Horror Jungle is # 1 - No other horror podcast even compares to what you have done with this. Quite impressive.

The Most Dangerous Game sounds and looks (watched trailer) quite good Doctor + since you are the man of old style horror I will be grabbing it shortly.

Thank you once again for the fan appreciation episode and putting another fine product out on the market for us starving horror fans.

Luke, 52 y/o

DVD Infatuation said...

@Luke: Thanks for stopping by, and for the glowing praise of Horror Jungle. We certainly appreciate it. As for the #1 ranking, here's hoping you're right!

THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME is a fine film, and I do hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to stop nack and let me know what you think when you get a chance to watch it.

Thanks again for the comment, and for listening to Horror Jungle. Knowing there are such great fans out there makes the entire venture worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Zombie dude addition = Positive
Vampire dude addition = Positive
Thriller dudette addition = Nuetral (Hate psychological films)

Mummy dude = Excellent my type of guy
Slasher dude = Makes me drowsy

BC dude, Doc dude, HH dude = My idols

Horror jungle outcome = Taking horror by storm!

S. Sanders

Anonymous said...

it's finally here and it is just as i expected sir shock an awesome podcast with a fresh new theme. best of all chills of yesteryear is back.

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@S. Sanders: Thanks for the comment (and I especially thank you for the "idol" comment...I'll be sure to pass it on the Billchete and Hellhunter as well). So glad you enjoyed the podcast! Thanks for listening.

@Anonymous: Thanks so much, and I'm happy to be continuing "Chills of Yesteryear"! Glad you enjoyed the show, and thanks for listening!

Anonymous said...

Stellar podcast !! Our whole family enjoys the podcast immensely. We had it cranked up while we were swimming in the pool. When we got done we ran down to the local mart and found 5 out of 11 movies !! The others we are ordering online !! This is a juggernaut of a horror podcast !! Horror Jungle all the way baby !! the Humphries family

DVD Infatuation said...

Hello to the Humphries family! We're so very glad that you enjoyed the podcast, and that you were able to listen to it together (if the weather's anything like it is in PA, it was the perfect day for the pool). Please be sure to stop back and let us know what you think of the films when you see them, and thanks so much for listening.

Anonymous said...

No offense to you Dr Shock because I think you are one of the better hosts on the show but don't believe for one second you had close to 90k listeners for Planet Macabre or even Horror Jungle. Ive been around horror podcasting an extremely long time and I can tell you there is probably not even 90k horror podcast listeners out there in the world. Don't you think its kind of fishy that every podcast Billchete is involved with automatically becomes the #1 horror podcast in the world? When there are dozens of quality podcasts out there who has been doing it a lot longer. I doubt you will post this but I wanted to just give you some insight. Good luck with everything you do.

DVD Infatuation said...

@Anonymous: The number of listeners was verified through reports on the number of downloads per episode, and I definitely do believe it's a valid number (just as I have no problem believing there are 90,000 horror fans out there who listen to podcasts. In fact, I'd bet there are many, many more than that). Yet in the end, it doesn't even matter. What really makes it all worthwhile are the awesome fans of the show. It's this interaction that I find most rewarding, and what makes the podcast so much fun to be a part of.

From your comment, I'm pretty sure no report, regardless of how valid it is, would be enough to convince you of the high number of listeners who tuned in to Planet Macabre (as for Horror Jungle, that number isn't known yet), and truthfully, it's not a debate I even want to have because it's not what drives me to record the podcast. I know it may sound corny as hell, but I really do it for the fans, who have been so incredibly supportive of me over the very few months I've been a podcaster.

I do thank you for the best wishes, and I, in turn, wish you the best as well.

Anonymous said...

I know you probably dont care cuz its "about the fans", but the rest of the horror podcasting world looks at Billchete as a big joke. We often laugh at his claims and people make jokes about it. I remember when he first claimed on the Horror Movie Show to be #1. He used Alexa as the proof. There are many podcasts that have a better alexa rating than planet macabre ever did. But yet he finds another stat system to use to verify his claims. I challenge you to make him show you proof of the downloads. Unless he own his own server, most hosting companies wouldnt even allow that many downloads and bandwidth to be used. Those numbers boasted are numbers that only the celebrities of the podcasting world like Kevin Smith could ever attain. It sounds like you dont ever want to get on his wrong side or he'll kick you to the curb like he did Gregamortis and his old cohost Mr. Horror or whatever his name was. Oh yeah if you have the ability to trace comments back on this blog or on the emails I'll bet you top dollar that a lot of those will show that it comes from good ol Sin City. You're cool Doc I just wish you werent involved with such a shady person.

Anonymous said...

Listened, subscribed and will be anticipating each new release "in the jungle" A+ Bear Ruggins

Anonymous said...

horror jungle is a top tiered horror podcast. completely outdone yourselves.

the cyrus movie is it close to your henry review here? the hosts were split at 4to4 some i an wondering which way to lean. i trust you doctor but you said no dice, so do you think henry was better?

miguel puerto rico

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.Shock!
I finalized the debut episode of Horror Jungle and it is 100% phenomenal! Way to go! Please pass that along to everyone at Horror Jungle.

It's funny I just wanted to drop that note and I had to read through all the comments[took me 20 minutes] and I would like to place a remark on 2 of them.

1 -----------------------
* The ratings comment, here are mine.


AsAGroup-10 (The best horror podcast ever ---------- Ditto that)

2 -----------------------
* The listeners comment

"but don't believe for one second you had close to 90k listeners for Planet Macabre or even Horror Jungle. Ive been around horror podcasting an extremely long time and I can tell you there is probably not even 90k horror podcast listeners out there"

my response --------------
I have been podcasting in the photography field since the beginning when people thought they needed an ipod to listen to a podcast. The large spurt of podcast listeners has grown year after year.

Since that was an anonymous comment it definitely sounds like a jealous horror podcaster. Lets look at numbers. Scream 4 has grossed almost 40 million just in the US, divide that by 15/per/ticket=1.67 million horror goers just to that. I didn't even go see it and I am a true fan. Dr. You were absolutely right, there are way more than 90K horror listeners in the world and that statement the anonymous guy made was a pure jealous statement, I have heard it with the photo podcasts I am involved with for years.

"When there are dozens of quality podcasts out there who has been doing it a lot longer."

my response
Who? Anonymous didn't leave his podcast name. I am a horror freak if you will and have listened to all of them and none and I mean NONE of them are near the quality of Horror Jungle and what Planet Macabre was.

So anonymous if you are out there, leave a list of these QUALITY horror podcasts here for me and I am sure Dr.Shock would like to know also, I will check back daily, cause I want to listen to them, I love horror.

Thank you very much Dr.Shock[+Horror Jungle team] for your amazing work in the horror industry and I wouldn't be surprised if you double the listener base with 180K in 6 months time, I can speak for myself as a horror fan, we love the dedication, the TRUE quality podcast and the fan support you give.

Barry Lewis
Boston, Mass

Anonymous said...

What a great podcast Mr. Shock. Yesterday after work I went to Best Buy and picked up this movie and it was a dual-movie DVD for $8.99 with "And then there were none" sat the family down and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you hit the mark with 9, a few faults but definitely worth the $9 dollars. Thank you wand will be waiting for more recommendations.

DVD Infatuation said...

Wow! Go to bed for a little bit, and you find yourself behind the 8-ball! Thanks for all the comments, everybody.

@Anonymous: I certainly have no problem with "crossing" Billchete (if I did, why even post your comment?), and the numbers issue is one I'm just not motivated to discuss any further. Seriously, it's not something I focus on. What I will say is you're "kicking to the curb" statement (seeing as I was privy to the reasons why this happened) is enough to invalidate your entire comment. You couldn't possibly be further from the truth on that one.

Again, I wish you all the best, and I thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

@Bear Ruggins: Glad you enjoyed the show! Thanks for listening.

@miguel: Thanks for the kind words, and thanks also for stopping back to the blog.

Without a doubt, HENRY:PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER is the superior film. Cyrus was way too hit-and-miss for me (even though it co-starred the reliable Lance Henriksen, who was very good), where HENRY maintained it's tense atmosphere from start to finish. If you have to pick only one, definitely make it HENRY.

@Barry: Thanks for the kind words, and I will be sure to pass along your praise to the entire Horror Jungle team.

I'm betting it did take 20 minutes to read through the comments...glad I don't have to do that again :)

Your ratings are appreciated (a '10'...I'm flattered. I was quite content with the '9' I received from Tex. I thank you).

As for the "Anonymous" poster, whether it's jealousy motivating his statements, I honestly can't say. I do believe he feels strongly that what he's saying is correct (obviously, I disagree), but it could just as well be motivated by jealousy (seeing as you have more experience than I, I may have to yield to you on this point). I can't really hold issue with him posting anonymously, because I permit it on the blog, even PROMOTE that you can do so on the podcast (and many fans of the podcast do wish to remain anonymous when commenting), but it does have me wondering what podcast he's associated with. I have listened to quite a few myself over the years (some of which were entertaining, others that were PATHETICALLY bad). I can't help but wonder if I've listened to his show. Oh well.

That said, I thank you so much for the high praise. It does mean a lot to us, and I'll be sure to pass your comments along to the rest of the Horror Jungle crew.

@Anonymous: I thank you so much for the kind words, and am very pleased you enjoyed THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. It's one I've always admired. Thanks again for stopping by, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

outstanding debut - this even blows pm out of the water - you guys keep raising the bar in horror - ty from hugo

Anonymous said...

god damn shocker took me forever to scroll to the bottom to post my comment, you are a busy little beaver. maybe a post a comment link up top?

the launch of horror jungle was impressive. the "gel" factor was amazing for a first episode. it sure felt like a polished podcast and one that had been running for years.

i subscribed on zune and will be receiving the new shows automatically. don't want to miss a single one.


DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments.

@Hugo: We're glad you liked the show, and thanks so much for listening. We're also flattered you feel we've already topped ourselves!

@Marcos: I know how you feel! I'll definitely look into putting the POST link towards the top...good idea!

As for the podcast, we appreciate the kind words. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and for listening to Horror Jungle!

Anonymous said...

HJ is very good, only negative I can think of was KC slasher seemed a little full of himself but maybe that was just my inital impressionion.

The one comment about "kicking Gregamortis to the curb" was funny to hear. Apparently that commenter never listend to PM because that guy pussyfooted around every rating and was painful to listen to at times. The zombie ep. was abysmal actually unsybbed after that &left but I got an email about HJ and was enthused continue on with an amazing horror podcast that I can listen to with my young'ins (ages 16,14). 3 best things about HJ, The 8 hosts work. Better Avg., No dithering GM. Bye for now.

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the episode, and so happy to have you "back" as a fan!

Thanks for stopping by, and for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

This is Mr. Anonymous the one who left the numbers dispute earlier in the comments. I'm in no way affiliated with any other podcast currently. I agree a vast majority of other horror podcasts are terrible. You asked for suggestions for other quality horror podcasts then here you go. This is in no specific order.
First off I recommend Cadaver Lab podcast over at www.cadaverlab.com. They have I think 3 or 4 podcasts covering new and older movies. I think the Hammicus podcast covers older Hammer and Amicus movies. They can sometimes be crude but they have great reviews. Next is Horrorphilia Podcast over at www.horrorphilia.com. I think they currently host 6 different podcasts. Im not familiar with all of them but their Horrorphilia Podcast and Versus podcasts are pretty awesome. They have themed shows and their Versus podcasts pits originals versus the remake. Like Horror Jungle they have great production values with music, audio clips, etc... One of their hosts is Billchete's old Cohost Zach. Next recommendation is the Bloody Good Horror podcast over at www.bloodygoodhorror.com From my knowledge they may actually be the most popular horror podcast currently. They only review new releases at the theater. They have extreme spoilers and in depth discussions so only listen to them after you've seen the movie. Last recommendation is for the Fear Shop podcast over at www.fearshop.com/podcast Its just two friends shooting the breeze reviewing 4 or 5 movies each show. Another very solid podcast. Now Fearshop and Bloody Good Horror usually run close to an hour but Horrorphilia and Cadaver Lab are closer to 2+ hours like Horror Jungle. I think your listeners would find something to like from some or all of those podcasts. Good luck Dr. Shock.

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the suggestions (though I must say I have to really challenge your claim of not being associated with any other podcast. There was a conversation held this morning, and several people were absolutely convinced that it was horrophilia.com leaving the negative Billchete comments. Apparently they've done so before, yet always "anonymously". Sorry, but it's a bit too coincidental to see them as one of your suggestions!). Also, seeing as horrophilia.com gets the majority of your praise here is a bit suspect.

That aside, thanks for the recommendations, and again, all the best to you.

Anonymous said...

You can believe anything you want to. No I do not know any of those guys at horrorphilia.com or what they've done in the past. The only reason they had longer text is because I mentioned one of the cohosts used to podcast with Billchete (a fact I thought your fans would like) and they also had six podcasts, more than all the others. If I were you I would suspect that I would be affiliated with Bloody Good Horror if anything. I did say they were currently the most popular. But yeah if you want to now the truth I do think that both Bloody Good Horror and Horrorphilia do stand above the rest in horror podcasting. Bloody Good Horror has f-ing fantastic in depth reviews and Horrorphilia reviews more movies each show than most podcasts do in 3. Plus both podcasts have been around a long time and they have great chemistry on air. (imho) Thanks for trying to bust me out, but keep on trying.

Anonymous said...

Sir doc: AWESOME first podcast! A+++ I'm in the jungle! Scott

Anonymous said...

PRIMO Podcast launch Sir Doc. Impressive horror cast with 8 pretty incredible hosts. What a nice change of pace on a horror podcast.

I hate to chime in on previous discussions but I am too a horror maven of sorts. I try to buy as many DVD's as possible I currently over 3000+ horror DVD's even many VHS tapes. I have listened to a slew of horror podcasts and the ones mentioned to check-out Fearshop, Horrorphilia, Cadaverlab are utter junk, disgusting language, poor quality and seriously bad. Bloodygood is good and they have been around awhile but they have spoilers so for me that dont work.

Here are my recommendations in a 1 to 5 order of the better horror podcasts.

1-Horrorjungle of course, you guys are the shiznit and raised horror expectations once again.
2-Mondomovie UK gents are well rehearsed and love horror
3-Thisweekinhorror excellent interviews with a talented crew, they are currently remodeling there abode and will be back shortly
4-Horroretc this duo describes the ins-n-outs of horror looking from directors pov and the such
5-Mailorderzombie zombie fans beware this is the best zombie horror podcast out there the hosts are clear and make it entertaining

Pierce Frederickson / 37

DVD Infatuation said...

@Anonymous: Regardless, thanks for posting the links, and fans can decide whether or not to check them out based on your recommendations.

@Scott: Thanks so much for the kind words, and for checking out Horror Jungle. We certainly appreciate it.

@Pierce: Thanks for the kind words. WOW! 3,000 dvds and tapes...that has me beat!

In all honesty, I cannot comment on the sites mentioned by the previous poster, because I have not listened to them. Still, I thank you for the feedback, to help the listeners decide which podcasts are worth listening to, and which aren't.

As for the four additional podcasts you recommend (leaving Horror Jungle aside, of course), I have listened to 3 of them, and I concur they are certainly quality podcasts:

1. MondoMovie: In truth, it's been a while since I've listened, but I always did enjoy this podcast.

2. Horroretc: I've been a subscribed listener to this podcast for some time, and though they occasionally delve into other areas aside from horror, I really enjoy listening to these two (and sometimes three) talk about movies. Also, I REALLY loved their Jack the Ripper episode! Top-notch!

3. Mail Order Zombie: Aside from putting together a quality podcast, "Brother D" strikes me as being one of the most genuinely nice people in the podcasting community. Along with his own show, I've heard him as a guest host on "The B-Movie Cast", and he is a constant caller to other quality podcasts as well. Definitely a fine recommendation.

Again, thanks for throwing in your two-cents, and for the recommendations. And thanks for listening to Horror Jungle!

Anonymous said...

I do agree that mondo movie rocks but they arent really a horror podcast. Yes those podcasts i mention do cuss, which doesnt bother me cuz a majority of horror movies contain cussing, not to mention, nudity and graphic kills. But i do disagree with your statement that they are poor quality. Maybe in the past some had audio issues but all the podcasts i mentioned now have great quality, sound effects, audio clips, music, skits, commercials, etc... I challenge you to go listen to any of those in the past year and show me a low quality show. The problem I have with a lot of horror podcasts are that they are boring. None of the ones I recommended can be accused of that.

Anonymous said...

Ep. #1 of Horror Jungle was full of horror recommendations. I had no idea of the changes and I really like them. The new release is something I will be paying attention 2 & I promise I will not preorder any before I hear the ratings. The new vampire segment is cool & the Boss did well for being brand new. Stay humble Horror Jungle critics this is going to blow up big. - Jake - Dewitt, MI

Anonymous said...

Ahh Yes a Zombie guy finally :)

Fantastic addition the Zombie Mortuary with Midnight Corey what a rhyme gonna be paying strict attention to that segment.

High praise to you Dr.-HellH-Bill-8 days you put this new pod together that is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Dock Shock > PRAISE jesus and I am not even Religious that the backwoods noteeth bumpkin mortis is gone. GOD I hated that guy and wondered why you were on the CF pod and why you guys pushed CF. Anyways enough of that you hosts "in the jungle" are awesome. Every host made strong statements and noone backed down. Excellent!

DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Jake: So glad you enjoyed the show, and I will be sure to pass along your comments along to Boss Butcher as well. Thanks so much for listening.

@Anonymous: Yeah, a zombie guy! We knew from the feedback we got on PM that fans were itching for more zombie films, and we feel Midnight Corey is the perfect host to bring them to you! Thanks also for the kind words.

@Anonymous: Yeah, we all feel that the hosts on Horror Jungle have strong voices, and certainly won't be backing down from what they believe. So glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

took my nitely jog while enjoying the debew episode got home then took the dog for a walk -- completed the episode and i could mot stop listening 'til it was over. super horror movie podcast you've got me hooked even though i new you wood since the planet podcast was very good -- please thank all of the participants you said you wood in the podcast let them know -- thx b.p.

DVD Infatuation said...

@B.P. - I will certainly pass the comments along. I thank you very much for them, and I'm pleased you enjoyed the podcast. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for posting a comment.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding News! The Planet Macabre hosts are back! Unaware of the Horror Jungle podcast until today. Downloaded listened and pleased with the new format hosts and more horror reccos. Can we get a weekly one this time around?

Anonymous said...


Why are you challenging me to check them out, I have heard them and if you think statements like "This movie F*** Su**** because it is gay" is entertainment then go for it. Two of those podcasts you mentioned play copy-righted music and one has background music throughout the whole damn thing, could it get more annoying.

Another screams into the mike and a few of them burp and make lude jokes, talk about how drunk they are and junk like that, again if that is your thing that is your prerogative. I hate when people challenge others. You made your case with horror podcasts I made mine, so stop being a TROLL and try to defend podcasts, which you claim you have no association with so why do you care what I think is good. I am done.

Pierce Frederickson

Anonymous said...

Good evening Doctor;
I must say the Zombie Prenuptials debut was incredible as many have already stated and you broke new ground having 8 regular hosts. I like to show my support to podcasts that support us fans. The Planet Macabre Fan Appreciation episode not only hit a soft spot in my heart but your replies to each remark on DVD Infatuation is the level of dedication I value no matter what it is in life.

I would like to talk briefly about this animosity here with some of the comments that has not been mentioned that I think is a valid point.

There are 2 sides to every coin and the same goes for the horror crowd. I have had the pleasure of being around the horror business since 1982 and I am a genuine fan of all types of horror films, although my favorites are Karloff, Lugosi, Price films.

When it comes to horror podcasting the 2 sides include:
The SEEDY side, vulgar (yes horror movies have vulgar but it is not in your ear for 1,2,3 hours constant bantering, offputting sexual talk, poor hosts, bad sound, illegal and obvious torrenting, no regularity, suck ups, weak reviews, etc...) ----- Podcasts in this category are Splattercast, Deadpit, Dinner for Fiends, Killer Reviews, Drunken Zombie, Horrorphilia, Gutmunchers, NOTLP, Rotting Flesh, Cadaver Lab, Motion Picture Massacre.

The INTELLIGENT side, these are the dedicated podcasts that take pride in horror movies and the fans, fun, good hosts, entertaining, informative, great reviews, enthusiasm shines through.
----- Podcasts in this category are Horror Etc., Planet Macabre, B-Movie Cast, The Horror Movie Show, Rabbitt In Red, Bloody Good Horror, This Week In Horror, Mail Order Zombie, Dark Discussions, and now your new one Doctor, Horror Jungle.

I am sure there are more horror podcasts but while typing those are the ones I have heard most recently.

Thank you for hearing me out and it is a pleasure "hearing" you Doctor. Good luck with Horror Jungle I know it will be successful.


DVD Infatuation said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Anonymous: Glad you were able to find the show, and we're pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the comment.

@Fabian: You flatter me, sir! And thanks for the kind words for Horror Jungle. We're so glad you enjoyed the show.

And thanks also for chiming in with your opinions on horror podcasts. I've listened to several from each of your "2 sides", and I certainly agree with your take om them (for the ones I've heard, anyway. There are a number on your list I have never listened to).

I appreciate you taking the time to post this comment, and thanks again for listening to Horror Jungle.

Anonymous said...

DR-Excellent choice for the initial episode. I haven't seen this in forever and only remember bits & pieces. I will be watching it again now that you sparked my interest.-Rosemarie

DVD Infatuation said...

@Rosemarie: Thanks for the comment. THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME is definitely a classic, and I hope you enjoy watching it again. Thanks for listening to Jungle Horror!