Friday, September 17, 2010

#42. Step Into Liquid (2003)

DVD Synopsis: From the makers of The Endless Summer, Step Into Liquid takes us from the terrifying monstrous waves of Oahu's North Shore to the Texas waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of Ireland and Rapa Nui. Told through the voices of legends, pros and everyday surfers alike, it is not just a film for surfers, but for anyone with an appreciation for sport and an inkling of what it means to be "stoked."

Step Into Liquid is the movie that Hi-Definition flat-screens and Blu-Ray players were made for, a surfing documentary that travels around the world, bringing the beauty of the oceans straight to your living room. 

It is wondrous, yes, but these grand visuals serve a purpose: to give the viewer a rough idea of just how addicting the sport of surfing can be. Step Into Liquid takes us to the beaches of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ireland, Australia, Vietnam and Chile, where we follow one surfer after another into the water, witnessing amazing feats of skill matched only by the spectacular wipeouts. It’s more than a sport for these people.  Each and every surfer interviewed talks as if surfing were a spiritual endeavor. It brings them such joy, such pleasure that we're convinced catching a wave is as close to a religious experience as these people are ever going to get. 

While the rest of the world may view surfing as a hobby, a sport, or even a waste of time, those who dedicate themselves to it believe life just isn’t worth living without their boards, and a set of excellent swells to sail her by.

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