Monday, September 11, 2017

#2,421. Virgins from Hell (1987)

Directed By: Ackyl Anwari

Starring: Enny Beatrice, Yenny Farida, Harry Capri

Tag line: "Virgins are raped . . . virgins are killed . . ."

Trivia: This movie was also released as Maiden's Revenge

After the insanity that was Lady Terminator and The Devil’s Sword, I found myself in the mood for yet another Indonesian sleazefest, and 1987’s Virgins from Hell (also released as Maiden’s Revenge) did the trick. In fact, with its story about a gang of heavily-armed biker chicks taking on a drug cartel, Virgins from Hell may just be the wildest of the bunch!

To avenge the murder of their parents, sisters Karen (Enny Beatrice) and Sheila (Yenny Farida), backed by a gang of bad-ass biker chicks, declare war on drug kingpin Mr. Tiger (Dicky Zulkarnaen). After shooting their mother and father in cold blood, Mr. Tiger then took over the girls’ ancestral home, which he now uses as a base for his illegal activities.

But while Mr. Tiger is none too pleased that Karen, Sheila and their cohorts wrecked one of his most profitable casinos (in the film’s opening segment), he has more important things on his mind, including the manufacturing of an aphrodisiac that is so potent it will turn any woman into a quivering mass of desire.

Convinced that every man in the world will want to get his hands on this powerful elixir, Mr. Tiger intends to mass-produce his aphrodisiac. His entire operation is  threatened, however, by Karen’s and Sheila’s marauding babes, who attack his hideout on a daily basis. But will the sisters succeed in reclaiming their property, or are Mr. Tiger and his personal army too much for them?

From a technical standpoint, Virgins from Hell is an absolute mess. After destroying Mr. Tiger’s casino, the sisters and their pals climb on their bikes and tear down the highway, an extended scene that runs far too long (I’m guessing this was initially supposed to serve as the movie’s opening credits sequence, but there are no titles to be found anywhere). And while it’s not uncommon for a movie of this ilk to feature lots of gunplay with very few bullets hitting their mark, there are moments in Virgins from Hell where automatic weapons are fired at people standing a couple of feet away and do no damage whatsoever! In addition, there’s a clunky special effect involving a flying bike; and a good number of explosions that don’t make a lick of sense (though some of the blasts are, indeed, pretty cool).

But despite its rough edges, Virgins from Hell proved to be an entertaining mash-up of several subgenres, including the girl biker film (with all of the ladies decked out in lingerie, no less), women in prison (the sisters and their gals are eventually captured by Mr. Tiger and used as test subjects for his aphrodisiac), and a fairly effective revenge story. There’s no nudity to speak of (the girls even bathe with their clothes on), but Virgins from Hell does feature a few racy sequences (most centering on Mr. Tiger’s aphrodisiac) as well as lesbian love and even a little S&M.

Throw in plenty of kick-ass action and one of the strangest scenes involving a snake that I’ve ever experienced, and you have a movie that is sure to win the heart of anyone who loves the occasional slice of ‘80s cheese.

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