Saturday, June 21, 2014

#1,405. Invasion of the Space Lobsters (2006)

Directed By: Janet Perlman

Starring: Thor Bishopric, Adrien Burhop, Mark Camacho

Trivia: This movie was Distributed by the National Film Board of Canada

I’m having a blast watching the animated shorts in the Animation Express collection, and this latest outing, Invasion of the Space Lobsters, is no exception. A 2006 movie directed by Janet Perlman and distributed by the National Film Board of Canada, Invasion of the Space Lobsters may feature more simplistic animation than either Madame Tutli-Putli or Sleeping Betty, but in the end it has something very important to say about miscommunication.

In a small suburban neighborhood, a father attempts to build a backyard grill as his wife and daughter look on. This quiet domestic scene is interrupted, however, by the sudden appearance of a spaceship (shaped like a fried egg), which lands on their roof. The family, already stunned, is further shocked to discover the ship’s inhabitants are giant lobsters, who promptly set up a microphone and attempt to communicate with the earthlings. Yet while the lobsters appear to be speaking in English, their words make little sense. Before long, the military, as well as the press, arrives on the scene, and, unable to understand the alien’s gibberish, make plans to attack the otherworldly visitors. Fortunately, the father recognizes some of the phrases the lobsters are uttering, leading to a revelation that might just prevent an intergalactic war.

Unlike Madame Tutli-Putli or Sleeping Betty, Invasion of the Space Lobsters looks as if it was designed for children (aside from its lighthearted story, the humor seems to be geared towards kids). That said, its theme, which involves communication (I can’t say more, or else I’ll spoil the ending), will definitely give adults something to snicker about, making it a short film that the entire family can enjoy.

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