Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#1,101. 42nd Street Forever: Volume 1 (2005)

Directed By: Various

Starring: Various

Trivia: This is actually the second DVD in the series. The first volume, titled 42nd Street Forever: Horror on 42nd Street, was a short run and is long out of print

To mix things up a bit, I thought I’d venture off the beaten path today by focusing on Volume One of the 42nd Street Forever series, a collection of DVDs from Synapse Films that feature grindhouse trailers from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Like most fans, I love watching trailers, especially those from this era, and 42nd Street Forever: Volume One, which contains over 2 hours of them, has some doozies. As you might expect, many of these trailers stretch the boundaries of good taste, with plenty of nudity, graphic violence, and foul language scattered throughout. But let’s be honest: that’s what makes them so entertaining!

Among the films whose trailers are featured in Volume One are Teenage Mother and Behind Convent Walls (two movies I’ve already covered), as well as Werewolves on Wheels (about a gang of bikers who transform into werewolves), Super Fuzz (a cop comedy with Terence Hill, star of They Call Me Trinity) and The Green Slime (a sci-fi flick from 1968 that hits a ‘10’ on the cheese meter). Christine Lindberg, one of the most beautiful actresses ever to grace the screen, appears in three of the trailers: The Depraved, Maid in Sweden, and her most popular picture, Thriller: They call Her One Eye, a tale of revenge in which Ms. Lindberg gets to kick some ass. Sexploitation features prominently in Volume One, with 1974’s Panorama Blue (which has two people, stark naked, getting it on in a moving rollercoaster) and, most notably, The Italian Stallion, an adult movie starring Sylvester Stallone (he made this a few years before Rocky, at a time when he was desperate for work). There are even a few documentaries, Mondo-style films like Secret Africa and Shocking Asia (which contains footage of a sex change operation, and pays a visit to very unusual museum). With 47 trailers in all, 42nd Street Forever: Volume One covers all the bases.

To date, there have been five volumes in the 42nd Street Forever collection, and before my challenge is complete, I’ll be taking a look at each of them. If you haven’t yet seen any of these DVDs, definitely make the time to do so; 42nd Street Forever is a whole mess of fun!

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