Thursday, November 15, 2012

#822. Demons (1985)

Directed By: Lamberto Bava

Starring: Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, Karl Zinny

Tag line: "Their Evil Becomes an Orgy of Bloodshed"

Trivia:  Lamberto Bava cites this as his personal favorite of the films he has directed

Demons is a mid-80s Italian horror film that’s loads of fun... and loaded with plenty of gore!

While walking through a Berlin subway station, pretty college student Cheryl (Natasha Hovey) is handed free tickets to the grand reopening of a movie theater. She invites her friend, Kathy (Paolo Cozzo), to tag along, and together, the gals make their way to the beautiful Metropol movie house, which, as luck would have it, is showing a horror film. They’re joined by a number of others, including a pimp (Bobby Rhodes) and his two favorite prostitutes, a blind man, a couple that bickers constantly, and a pair of guys, George (Urbano Barberini) and Ken (Karl Zinny), who immediately hit it off with Cheryl and Kathy. But there’s more to this theater than meets the eye, something that becomes painfully obvious the moment several audience members transform into bloodthirsty demons! Realizing they’re locked in, the remaining few band together to try and find a way out, hoping to escape before they, too, join the ranks of the damned.

Directed by Lamberto Bava (son of the legendary Mario), Demons may be silly, but what the film lacks in logic, it more than makes up for in action. Simply put, Demons is a wild ride, and things start to happen fairly quickly, kicking off when Rosemary (Geretta Geretta), one of the prostitutes, notices that her cheek, which she cut earlier, is bleeding. Rushing to the bathroom to clean up, Rosemary discovers the wound is getting bigger by the second. Before long, it explodes, and by the time you realize what’s happened, Rosemary is a demon, her mouth oozing green pus. From this point on, Demons doesn’t stop to take a breath. In fact, it gets crazier by the minute, culminating in a final showdown that features:

1. A motorcycle,
2. A sword, and
3. A downed helicopter.

I told you Demons was a wild ride!

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