Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#418. Sexy Battle Girls (1986)

Directed By: Mototsugu Watanabe

Starring: Saeko Fuji, Kyôko Hashimoto, Yukijirô Hotaru

Trivia:  This film was banned in Germany

Produced primarily over a 20-year period (from the mid 1960's to the 80's), Japanese Pink films were a genre unto themselves. Soft-core and undoubtedly erotic, these movies placed nudity and sex center-stage, often shrouded within bizarre, violent stories. 

I myself have very little experience with Pink films, but after watching 1986's Sexy Battle Girls, I intend to change that. 

Young Mirai (Kyoko Hashimoto) has just transferred to a private all-girl’s school, one that instructs its students in much more than reading, writing and arithmetic.  Under the watchful eye of the headmaster (Yukijiro Hutaru), the girls in this school are being "sold" to local politicians, who use them to act out their most depraved sexual fantasies. More than a perverted criminal, the Headmaster is also the very man who tore Mirai's family apart.  

To get her revenge, Mirai will unleash her “special power” and teach the headmaster a lesson he won't soon forget! 

There's action aplenty crammed into Sexy Battle Girls' one-hour running time, but more to the point, there are no less than seven sex scenes, some of which evolve beyond simple soft core into more graphic - not to mention violent - displays of "affection". The opening scene features our heroine, Mirai, making love to Matt (Misaki Watanabe), one of the teachers from her old school. When their foreplay is taken to the next level, Mirai, through no fault of her own, mistakenly unleashes her “special ability” (one that's easy enough to figure out by it's name: The “Venus Crush”). 

When she returns home, her father (Yutaka Ikejima), the man who trained her since she was a child, chastises his daughter for having sex with an innocent man (“Doesn't he realize how dangerous your vagina is?”, dad blurts out). Taught to master the “Venus Crush” from birth, Mirai's body is no longer her own; it is a weapon, one she will use to avenge the wrongs done to her family. The scene ends with Mirai once again testing her “special ability”, to ensure she hasn't damaged herself during the encounter with Matt. Turns out she is just as lethal as ever, which becomes obvious the moment she slices an apple into several pieces just by clenching her thighs! 

A film as provocative as it is strange, Sexy Battle Girls proved a wild introduction to the world of Japanese Pink, a world I will most definitely be revisiting in the very near future.


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