Friday, April 15, 2011

#252. The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976)

Directed By: Michael Pressman

Starring: Claudia Jennings, Jocelyn Jones, Tara Strohmeier

Tag line: "They'll Steal Your Heart...and Rob Your Bank!"

Trivia:  The film was also released under the alternate title DYNAMITE WOMEN

From the title alone, you know The Great Texas Dynamite Chase is going to be a movie you can't take seriously. The story of two beautiful women who rob banks using only a stick of dynamite, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase abandons common sense in favor of good, old-fashioned fun, and on that level it does not disappoint.

Candy Morgan (Claudia Jennings) has just escaped from prison, and the first thing she does as a free woman is... rob a bank! Hoping to get enough money to save her family's farm, Candy storms into a small-town bank wielding only a lit stick of dynamite and demands that they turn over all their money. Fortunately for her, teller Ellie-Jo Turner (Jocelyn Jones) had just been fired for turning up late for work, and is only too happy to help Candy rip off her former place of employment. This kicks off a partnership that will see the two beauties steal thousands of dollars from dozens of banks, thus getting the attention of every law enforcement official in the state of Texas.

Early on, you realize exactly what kind of movie The Great Texas Dynamite Chase is going to be; namely a fast-paced comedy that asks you to check your brain at the door. After Candy robs that first bank, she rushes home to turn the money over to her father (Tom Rosqui), so he can pay off the mortgage (which, we assume, he's fallen severely behind on). He asks her where she got the money, and Candy has no qualms whatsoever about telling her father the truth. Far from criticizing his daughter (again, remember...she JUST ESCAPED FROM PRISON), the old man betrays a smile curling up on his lips, and says “I never wanted you to do a thing like this, but in a crazy way I'm proud. I know your ma would have been proud, too”. But the real fun kicks in when Candy teams up with Ellie Jo. After their first attempt at robbing a bank as a duo fails (thanks to some faulty dynamite), the two are chased by the police. Following a high-speed pursuit, and thanks to Candy's fancy driving, they escape, but just when it looks like they're in the clear, a cop car appears out of nowhere and orders them to pull over. So, the two girls up the ante a bit by tossing a stick of dynamite out the window, which lands inside the police car. I don't have to tell you what happens after that, do I?

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase features good-looking women (who aren't shy about taking their clothes off), car chases, and plenty of explosions. So what if it doesn't offer much more besides? It doesn't have to. The Great Texas Dynamite Chase won't stay with you long after you see it, but it's a blast (pun intended) while it lasts!

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