Monday, January 3, 2011

#150. SS Camp 5: Women's Hell (1977)

DVD Synopsis: Greetings ladies, welcome to SS Camp 5. Around here, we like to call it Women's Hell. You'll soon find out why. You are here to serve one of two purposes: the attractive ones will be used to satisfy the German soldiers. Orgies, group showers and other nude activities are planned. The rest of you will undergo scientific experiments. During the course of your stay, you'll enjoy such tortures as bamboo under the fingernails, spiked brass knuckles to the gut, your head in a vise, and so on. You'll even be set on fire! Who knows? Your exploits night end up the focus of one of the nastiest Nazisploitation films ever made. Please enjoy your stay.

In the opening moments of SS Camp 5: Women's Hell, a truckload of new female prisoners is pulling into a Nazi-controlled camp of 'undesirables'. These new arrivals are then taken into a room, where they're inspected and separated; the attractive prisoners go with Magda (Paolo Lelio), who manages the camp's brothel. Those who remain are to be used as guinea pigs for a new medical treatment, an ointment that's supposed to instantly heal even the most severe burns. With this opening scene, the two main drawings points of any good women in prison film, namely sex and violence, are set in motion, yet what we end up getting in SS Camp 5: Women's Hell is a little of one, and a whole lot of the other. 

With the exception of a graphic torture scene that occurs about an hour into the film, the violence in SS Camp 5: Women's Hell is low-key, and limited to a few burns on the leg. But what the film lacks in blood, it more than makes up for in boobs. There are a handful of shower scenes (during which the camera takes it's good ole time inspecting the nubile young ladies), and the film's main character, a Jamaican beauty named Alina (played by Rita Manna), spends about 75% of her screen time wearing nothing but a scowl (and, in one bizarre dance scene, a banana on a string). These elements, mixed together with a dinner party that evolves into an all-out orgy, do their part in making SS Camp 5: Women's Hell a memorable entry in the Nazisploitation sub-genre.

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