Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#102. Three Colors: White (1994)

DVD Synopsis: A seductive story of love and obsession, White won nationwide critical acclaim for its intoxicating blend of eroticism and intrigue. Directed by acclaimed director Krzyzstof Kieslowski and featuring sexy Julie Delpy , White is the mysterious tale of a man whose life disintegrates when his beautiful wife of six months deserts him. Forced to begin anew, he rebuilds his life, only to plan a dangerous scheme of vengeance against her!

Three Colors: White is the comedic entry in Kieslowski’s trilogy, but its humor remains in perfect tune with the philosophies laid out by the director in the first installment, Blue. As such, the comedy in White is very dark, and the emotions behind the laughs are quite powerful. 

Of the three films, White is often dismissed as the ‘lesser’ of the trilogy, which may have something to do with it’s comedic moments (which are, at times, quite broad). Yet the humor of White is no more or less effective than the tragedy of Blue, or the romance of Red. Here, laughter is utilized to expose the deepest of human emotions, the longing for a lost love, and guided by Kieslowski’s steady hand, the comedy in White serves a much greater purpose than simply getting a few laughs.

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Chris said...

Well put, the comedy in White is interesting, and the emotions behind the laughs are powerful.Strange it often gets called the weakest of the trilogy, I guess you are right-comedies are not so well-respected, and visually maybe White is not so strong as Blue and Red.

I am still puzzled by the relationship between Karol and his wife Dominique, and the friendship between Karol and the guy he meets in the subway. So much is left unsaid which I find intriguing, I've just reviewed "White", you might want to head on over to my blog ( :

DVD Infatuation said...

@moviesandsongs365: Thank you, sir!

I think the main issue with WHITE is that, being part of a trilogy, it suffers in comparison to both BLUE and RED (which are damn near masterpieces), though on it's own, I'm of the opinion WHITE is a damn fine movie.

I'll have to check out your blog. Thanks for the heads-up!