Monday, October 11, 2010

#66. Shrooms (2007)

DVD Synopsis: Keen for adventure, a group of American teenagers come to Ireland, having been promised the "trip" of a lifetime by their Irish friend, Jake, a mushroom expert. But the vacation takes a horrible turn when the teenagers ignore Jake’s warnings and ingest the local 'shrooms'. Before long, the panicked friends are stalked by ghostly creatures. Are these hallucinations—or gruesome reality?

Shrooms keeps you guessing throughout: is what we're witnessing real, or simply one person’s perception of reality?  

You see, all of the film’s main characters have ingested mushrooms in order to experience a drug-like high, and during the 'trips', their minds play tricks on them (one character even receives a warning from a talking cow).  There are some legitimately frightening moments to be found in Shrooms, most of which involve a ghostly monk who'll send shivers up your spine.  The ending, unfortunately, is a let-down, and more formulaic than I was hoping for, but it doesn’t detract from the rest of the film.  

Pardon the obvious pun: Shrooms is definitely worth the trip.


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