Friday, September 10, 2010

#35. Storm Warning (2007)

DVD Synopsis: From the director of Urban Legend come this terrifying trip into the depths of human depravity. When a storm forces a couple to land their sailboat far ashore, they stumble upon a remote island inhabited by a demented father and his psychotic sons. Captured, beaten and sexually enslaved, the couple turns the tables in a bloody fight for survival. Featuring some of the most intensely brutal scenes imaginable, Storm Warning never lets up as it builds toward a shocking finish.

Right from the get-go, director Jamie Blanks gets some serious tension brewing in Storm Warning when the two main characters decide to go “exploring” in their fishing boat. With shots of approaching storm clouds punctuated by a menacing score, it becomes obvious that, with every ill-advised turn down a narrower passageway their boat makes, these two are heading for serious trouble. By the time they walked into that farmhouse that they should have run from, I was already on the edge of my seat. Then all sorts of wild hell broke loose. 

With ample amounts of blood, spilled in some pretty creative ways, Storm Warning proves a nice entry in the revenge sub-genre.


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