Friday, August 27, 2010

#21. One Crazy Summer (1986)

DVD Synopsis: Hoops McCain has the name but not the talent to carry on the family basketball tradition. He’d rather earn an art school scholarship by writing and illustrating a love story. This summer in Nantucket he’s going to get the necessary romantic experience.

One Crazy Summer is a goofy movie, and for every joke and sight gag that works, another falls flat on its face. The ones that do work, however, work well (in particular, there’s a pretty funny scene involving a Godzilla costume, and I liked the over-the-top performance of Mark Metcalf, best known as Niedermeyer in Animal House, who plays the film’s heavy). 

I hadn’t seen this in years, and remembered it being funnier than it actually is, but if you’re a fan of 80’s comedies then One Crazy Summer is a movie you’ll want to check out.


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