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#2,774. Doctor Mordrid (1992) - Full Moon Features


For me, Full Moon is at its best when the filmmakers let their imaginations run wild. Such is the case with 1992’s Doctor Mordrid, directed by the father / son team of Albert and Charles Band.

Starring the great Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond) in the title role, Doctor Mordrid tells a basic story of good versus evil; for about a century now, the powerful wizard Doctor Anton Mordrid has been watching over the citizens of earth. But the re-emergence of his old nemesis Kabal (Brian Thompson), an evil sorcerer intent on taking over the world, has put Mordrid on high alert.

As Kabal and his henchmen gather up rare elements from around the globe, which they will use to open a portal between earth and the Fourth Dimension, Mordrid joins forces with criminal psychologist Samantha Hunt (Yvette Nipar) and prepares for the inevitable showdown against Kabal and his evil minions.

Inspired by the Marvel comics hero Doctor Strange (which, initially, was the movie Albert Band wanted to make, but couldn’t work out a deal for the rights), Doctor Mordrid combines fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and even horror to wonderful effect, delivering a movie that’s an incredible amount of fun. From the stylish set piece of Mordrid’s lair to the film’s various fight scenes, culminating in a final showdown between Mordrid and Kabal in New York’s Cosmopolitan Museum, this movie has creativity to spare.

And while the effects may be showing their age, they are far from mediocre. I especially enjoyed the stop-motion dinosaur skeletons that spring to life in the final scene.

Much like they did with Dollman, Trancers, Puppet Master, and Subspecies, the creative forces at Full Moon have proven once again with Doctor Mordrid that they can take a small budget and a good idea and turn it into a motion picture that generates a million dollars worth of entertainment!
Rating: 9 out of 10

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