Sunday, May 5, 2013

#993. Body Melt (1993)

Directed By: Philip Brophy

Starring: Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Daddo, Ian Smith

Tag line: "The first phase is hallucinogenic... the second phase is glandular... and the third phase is... BODY MELT"

Trivia: This film is based on several short stories director Philip Brophy wrote during his days as a musician

Body Melt reminded me a lot of 1987’s Street Trash, another movie in which people liquefy before our eyes. Yet, unlike Street Trash, the transformations in Body Melt extend beyond simple melting. In this film, victims are torn, twisted, and mutated in every which way. Laced with gore, Body Melt is a disgusting, stomach-churning, rollicking good time.

A brand new vitamin, called Vimuville, is ready to hit the market, but it has some unusual side effects. Aside from triggering extreme hallucinations, Vimuville also causes anyone who takes it to mutate and / or melt. As Detective Sam Phillips (Gerard Kennedy) and his partner, Johnno (Andrew Daddo) try to piece together what’s going on, the residents of Pebbles Court, who were chosen to serve as test subjects for Vimuville, start turning into massive piles of goop.

Body Melt is a horror / comedy in the same vein as Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, meaning it’s both gory and over-the-top. The first casualty of the new drug is Ryan (Robert Simper), an employee of the company that produces Vimuville. When he threatens to warn the good people of Pebbles Court about the side effects, the company gives Ryan an extra-heavy dose of the vitamin to stop him. Sure enough, when he walks into a local convenience store, the skin on his throat begins to separate. Determined to deliver his warning, Ryan stumbles to his car and drives off, but before he reaches his destination, several tentacles spring from the open wound in his neck and suffocate him. After this initial fatality, the film settles down for a while, taking time to introduce us to a wide array of characters, including Pud (Vincent Gil), a former scientist who now owns and operates a bizarre roadside diner. But when the drug's grisly side effects finally kick in again, Body Melt gets crazier and more revolting than before.

Trust me on this one: Body Melt is a movie you’re not going to want to watch on a full stomach!


atom said...

I'm glad you liked this one, too! It's been getting some low user scores across the board, but I thought it was entertaining and the effects were pretty darn good.

CpT GoThMcLaD said...

Plus Harold Bishop maaaaaan

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